EDIT 2018

We share our IT knowledge with future professionals. It’s education for innovative thinkers. Do not miss our upcoming EDIT Summer School.

EDIT 2018

APPLY 2018



EDIT 2018

Attend #EDIT18 in July in Slovenia!

EDIT is a leading Summer IT school in the South East Europe, created for students who want to strengthen their academic knowledge with practical experience.

The students who join EDIT get an opportunity to boost their IT skills by working on challenging real-world projects. They also get a chance to make meaningful connections and put their teamwork and leadership abilities to the test.

EDIT is not an ordinary Summer School. Here, the participants get to work on the latest technologies, but also learn about:

  • the newest IT trends
  • challenges facing IT professionals
  • teamwork and collaboration.

And there’s plenty of fun along the way!

#EDIT18 is also open for international students from countries beyond Southeast Europe.

EDIT is priceless and free of charge!

The school is completely free of charge and Comtrade provides complimentary meals to students.

The costs of travel and accommodation in Slovenia are not covered. As an international student, you will have a number of accommodation options available, such as renting an apartment on Airbnb and couch surfing.

If you need assistance with accommodation, please contact edit.si@comtrade.com.

APPLY 2018

Applications for EDIT 2018 are not yet open

Our intake process reopens in April and May 2018. If you are interested in joining our IT Summer School, kindly fill out our online pre-registration form. Then check your e-mail regularly –  we will keep you informed of all the developments.

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Since 1996, EDIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers) has been inspiring innovation and preparing future generations of IT leaders for success. Today, EDIT is the biggest and most sought-after IT summer school in the region, spanning seven locations. Learn more about the history of EDIT.


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